Mission & Values

Empowering Excellence in Alpine Ski Racing
At the Kirkwood Ski Team, our mission is to nurture top-tier alpine ski racers by promoting a healthy lifestyle, instilling a competitive spirit, and fostering a deep love for mountain snow sports through professional athletic development. We are guided by five core principles, each critical to our philosophy and interdependent in our approach.

Core Values

  1. Having Fun
    • Cultivate a joyous atmosphere where athletes develop a passion for alpine skiing through exciting and engaging experiences.

  2. Developing Skiing Skills

    • Offer age-appropriate training to ensure sound skiing fundamentals.
    • Utilize Kirkwood’s legendary terrain to enhance all-mountain skiing capabilities, adapting to varied terrain and snow conditions.
    • Teach mountain etiquette, safety, and respect for the natural elements.

  3. Developing Racing Skills
    • Create a competitive training environment that motivates athletes to expand their skills and achieve new performance levels.
    • Instruct athletes in strategic race course tactics.
    • Encourage goal setting and celebrate all achievements, recognizing both major and minor successes.

  4. Being a Part of a Team
    • Foster sportsmanship, teamwork, and mutual support among athletes and coaches. 
    • Build a cohesive team environment that supports individual aspirations.
    • Success is defined as continuous improvement and progress rather than solely by competition results.

  5. Being a Valued Part of the Kirkwood Community 
    Provide programs that support Far West Racing, Tahoe League Racing, and Masters events.
    • Contribute to Kirkwood Mountain Resort and the broader community by offering support at various on-mountain events.
    • Ensure accessibility through financial aid for athletes in need of assistance to participate.