Mission & Values

The Kirkwood Ski Team mission is to provide alpine ski racing programs that promote a healthy lifestyle, instills a winning spirit, and a love of mountain snow sports through professional athletic skill development. We are focused on competitive alpine ski racing and guided by five basic fundamentals. Each is equally important and interdependent.

  1. Having Fun

    -Promote a joy for, and a love of, alpine skiing by providing an exciting, fun, and athletic experience for all athletes 

  2. Developing Skiing Skills

    -Develop sound skiing skills and fundamentals by providing age-appropriate instruction and exercises
    -Take full advantage of Kirkwood’s legendary terrain to create all-mountain skiers by challenging athletes with different types of terrain and snow conditions
    -Educate skiers in mountain etiquette, mountain safety, and respect for winter elements and conditions

  3. Developing Racing Skills
    -Provide a competitive training and racing environment that encourages athletes to push their comfort zones and strive for higher levels of performance
    -Educate and train athletes on appropriate race course tactics
    -Encourage athletes to set appropriate personal goals, and to celebrate all successes – both large and small

  4. Being a Part of a Team
    -Promote a sense of good sportsmanship, unselfish behavior and cooperation/support among teammates and coaches, both on and off the mountain.
    -We will strongly promote Team and develop a supportive Team environment while enabling each athlete to meet their individual goals.
    -Success will be viewed as the achievement of progress, and improvement, rather than just a placing on the result board.

  5. Being a Valued Part of the Kirkwood Community
    -We will strive to meet the needs of all of our athletes with programs geared to support Far West Racing, Tahoe League Racing, and Masters.
    -We will support the broader Kirkwood community and Kirkwood Mountain Resort by providing on mountain support for other events through our Race Department.
    -We will strive to provide support to those athletes that may require financial assistance to participate in our programs.