Board of Directors

Dave Nielsen

Dave Nielsen has been on the KSEF board since 2007 and a homeowner at Kirkwood since 1999.  Both of his kids participated in KSEF and competed in Far West and Tahoe League racing.  Dave was a past president of KSEF, and has been actively involved in many aspects of KSEF including fund raising, and helping to lead the organization through many years of growth.  “Kirkwood is a very special place”, Dave says, “KSEF has provided my family with an amazing experience, creating lifetime friends and memories, and the best ski racing instruction on the best mountain in Northern California.”

Liz Pounders

Liz Pounders has been on the KSEF Board of Directors as the Secretary since 2010. She is a proud parent of a KSEF Alumni Ski Racer, and has participated in the KSEF Masters program. Liz, as well as her husband Patrick (KSEF Race Crew), happily allocate their time to the team, as they have always been impressed by the dedication, discipline and character that it builds with the athletes.  They have also enjoyed the amazing camaraderie of the families who support the program, for the memories that it has created on the Mountain and beyond are priceless. Liz’s full-time job is as an Elementary School Physical Education Specialist for the Palo Alto Unified School District. When she is not working or skiing, Liz enjoys hiking, Mt. bike riding, boating, and going to the beach.

Karen Higgins

I first became involved with KSEF in mid-1990 when Ray Dias was Director of KSEF and contacted me to handle the payroll. I then worked with the CPA on reporting requirements for the Ski Tobacco Free Grant which the Foundation received. I became a KSEF Board Member taking over the Treasurer’s position in 2002. I stepped down as a Board Member in 2008 due to health issues. In early 2010, Jim Reilly asked me to return to the Board. Since then I have worked diligently with Jim to ensure the program was rebuilt to its current services along with ensuring fiscal responsibility for the continued future of the program. I have been the Board liaison and work with Jim towards the long-time vision for an on-hill building for KSEF to enhance the race program and events. I have lived full time in South Lake Tahoe since winter of 1982. I started my bookkeeping/payroll service business in 1984. I branched out to Homeowner Association bookkeeping/administrative services in 1992. Some of you might know me from this end of my business along with working with Board members or the KMPUD on some issues that affect owners in Kirkwood. I have been married to my husband over 30 years. We are both long time skiers and have been avid supporters of KSEF throughout the many years of its existence.

Michael Ehrman

Rich Nalwasky