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What’s New

Coming around the bend!

New this season we are offering our young athlete “Jr. Development Team”. This team is set up for athletes ages 9 and younger and will focus primarily on skiing skills and learning how to race. While we are a race team, we will also focus on the need to learn to ski correctly and possess the skills at an early age to become not only a competitive ski racer, but a great skier!

In addition to our already fantastic Alpine race schedules, USSA will be hosting Skier Cross events this season. USSA is now the governing body of Skier Cross and will be promoting this discipline to help improve all junior ski racers. Should the athlete’s enjoy Skier Cross and we have additional interest in this form of competition, KSEF will venture out to form a traveling Skier Cross team and race at not only USSA events, but also USASA events.

New Age Classes for Racers

USSA Skiing has made the switch from the “J System” to a “U System” this season. If you have had kids in soccer, you might be familiar with the U10, U12, U14, etc. system. “U” stands for “Under” an age by a specified date every year. Ski racing will be using this same age grouping system with a cutoff date of December 31st for all ski racers throughout the United States. Athletes in the new “U” age classes will be one year older than they were in last year’s old “J” classes, but will most likely still compete with the same athletes as they did last season. 

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