KSEF Opening Weekend

Dear KSEF Athletes and Parents,

This weekend marks the official opening of KSEF for the season.  While we have already started with our Mammoth camp and some free skiing open environment skiing last weekend we are now officially started.

I have been receiving a variety of questions, so let me try my best to answer as many as possible before the Saturday rush.  You can also benefit greatly by signing up to our age groups Team Snap communications platform.  You must request an invite and respond to the invite in order to be current on Team Snap.  Please contact the following lead coaches directly if you are not yet signed up on Team Snap; our lead coaches will be happy to assist you in gaining access.

U16 / U16+  Darryl Whitaker: bigdwhit@gmail.com

U12              Jim Bell: jimskiwithsoul@gmail.com

U12              Haley Louis: haley.louis@gmail.com

U10              Jim Bell: jimskiwithsoul@gmail.com

U10              Dolores Vasquez: mariadoloresvazquez5@gmail.com

Jr. Devo        Dana Keith:  danaskis92@gmail.com

Masters        Tomasz:  tkalkows@yahoo.com

Masters        Patrick: patricktraynor@patricktraynor.com

Opening Weekend Training:

Currently the forecast is to begin snowing tonight with very heavy accumulations all day tomorrow and into Friday morning.  Friday should be an OK travel day.  Storms will return on Saturday and Sunday.  That means we will try our best to conduct training in our open environment.  Snow and winds may prove challenging at times, so please dress appropriately. Sunday may prove to be a challenging travel day should you need to get out of Kirkwood.  Check your favorite weather sites for more detailed information.  We will be meeting at 8:30 AM at the base of Chair #5 and split into U10, U12, U14 and U16+ age groups where coaches will provide detailed information.  Jr. Devos will not be meeting until next weekend.

Jackets / Uniforms:

Athletes will have the opportunity to begin purchasing their new uniforms starting next weekend.  Our group of volunteers will provide detailed information on how to sign up and how to pay.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Team Room:

We will begin to populate the team room starting with our older U16+ athletes and Full-Time training team on Saturday.  On Sunday we will begin to introduce the U14s into the Team Room.  Lockers are tight and sharing may be required.  Please be patient as we sort through this long-awaited return.


KSEF Orientation:        Please read through this document as it provides a decent introduction into KSEF ski racing and KSEF team activities.

Events Calendar:         The events calendar lays out training days, race schedules and KSEF social activities.  Things do change so check our website periodically.

KSEF Flow Chart:        Our new Flow Chart provides new parents visual instruction on what steps to take, when and where.  Please take the time to review.

Thank you,

Jim Reilly

Program Director

Kirkwood Ski Team

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